2 HUGE purchases OMG!!! **PICS** & HUGE ME LOL!

  1. OKay, you are not allowed to make fat pregnant jokes:rolleyes:...but I made 2 HUGE purchases...and I have to run to a DR. appt...so here they are.:heart: I will check in w/ you all as soon as I get home. (Remember I am normally a size 4) This is really for my piece of mind to remember~ not so much all of you guys.:roflmfao:
    lvsept07 006.jpg lvsept07 008.jpg lvsept07 010.jpg lvsept07 004.jpg lvsept07 005.jpg
  2. The bags are not nearly as gorgeous as you!! You look wonderful!!! (I ADORE the bags as well!!) GREAT CHOICES!!!
  3. Aw you look cute! And the bags are so pretty as well!
  4. Fabulous bags and you look great!
  5. They're TDF!!! and you're GORGEOUS!:tup:
  6. You rock! Finally a Nimbus PM modeling pic. You look gorgy.
  7. Wow! You spent some $$$! They are gorgeous! Congrats! You don't look fat! You look cute!
  8. ITA! Congrats:smile:
  9. You look pregtastic. Love they bags you selected. And good luck on the other hugeness too. ;)
  10. HOT MAMMA!, congrats on the bags & you look soo cute,pregnancy works great with you!
  11. Congrats! THose bags look fab on you!
  12. You look fab, and oh my the bags are to die for!!!!!!
    Wear in good health!
  13. Congrats on the bags! When are you due?
  14. Two of my faves! And you do look Great!
  15. OMG! They are all so goregeuos! Congrats! You look terrific!!