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2 Great B-bags from a fabulous PFer!!


Aug 20, 2006
It's me! I just won an 04 khaki and an 04 rose, and I bought an 05 bordeaux from a lovely tPFer. I just can't keep 'em all, though I wish I could.

I'm selling the origan because I had/have too many greens: currently the origan box, the khaki, a sapin, and an anis (which is in the green range). And I just bought the 04 rose, so the pale rose day is available to a new home.

Hope everyone had the merriest of Christmases and I wish all of you the very best for the new year.
Jan 29, 2006
Hi! I'm about to buy my first B-Bag, and I'd love the hobo bag in tan/caramel.. :love:

Does it even exist in that color?
Does anyone know the name of this particular style?


yes, hobo or the style is more commonly known as the day does come in caramel,camel, truffle, and various other shades of brown. So you'll definitely be able to find a color that you like.


Luxury Consignment
Apr 19, 2006
^^ lol, i totally agree with that logic :roflmfao:

If only I could keep my word...I'm such a liar about selling them. I'm on an official purse ban until I've cleared some room out of my closet.

Here's my dilemma, I already have a pale pink box and that style is now discontinued so I don't want to sell it...it's my only box. The DH thinks it would be wrong to have two pale pinks, especially since the color is prone to yellowing. He knows too much about Balenciaga...darn it...I should keep my big mouth shut!

It kills me how much I want this bag. I just love the more casual, cool style of it. Okay, he just said that if I sell a bag or two the purse ban will be lifted...some sort of temporary bbag amnesty. Now I just pray that this bag will still be around!