2 damier questions

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  1. which keepalls are coming out? I see different posts saying 45 and 50 and other ones saying 50 and 55.

    Also, what do you guys think of a special order batignolles in damier...I'm thinking of one...or would vavin pm be better?
  2. SA told me 45 and 50. Same release date as Speedy June 1st.

    SO Batignolles in Damier would look beautiful. :love:
  3. I last inquired about a Batignolles SO in damier and was told they wouldn't do it, because the mono canvas ones are so popular right now. If anyone gets updated information, please let me know so I can start saving for one!
  4. I don't get it! They won't do a special order because something else is popular? So that means we should stick with what everyone else wants? I thought special order meant it was "special" right?
  5. I heard 50 and 55, both with shoulder strap.
  6. i agree - that's the most idiotic thing i've heard all day :rolleyes:
  7. The SA at my local LV boutique showed me the Damier Keepall 50. It looked really NICE...but too small for me. But...managed to buy the Damier 55 (No shoulder strap)...It is much better. The Damier 50 its pretty small..much like the Keepall 45 on special editions like the Cerise and MC.
  8. How much will the damier keepall 50 and 55 be?
  9. luvurbag could you post pictures pls? I would love to see how it looks next to you!! Thank you!
  10. I just talked to someone at 1866 vuitton and he said that only the 50 is available without the shoulder strap for $805 and that the 45 is only special order? I get so confused when talking to LV representatives!
  11. I agree. I was very annoyed when I heard that- I figure if I have the money, why shouldn't I be able to SO something? They're making $$ off me, if anything. The person on the phone said they could hardly keep up with the demand for the BH and BV and while they wouldn't rule out it being available in the future, they couldn't do it now.

    Now, this was in January, so I don't know if that's changed or not. It's been quite awhile since the BH and BV were released, so I hope they're more flexible now.

  12. It's 2007, why haven't LV come out with Damier Keepall 50 with Strap??

    Enquiring Minds Want to KNOW!!!!
  13. This is an old thread...
  14. A bag style has to be out for at least two years before an SO request can be accepted.