2 Chloe Chocolate Paddy's at Nordstrom

  1. I know some of you are looking for Choco paddy's and there are two at Bellevue Square Nordstrom's. They also had 2 muscades in the new "belt" shoulder strap style that are a little smaller than the traditional paddy's and they were very cute.:yes:
    You can call Adrienne, a very helpful SA, her number is (425) 455-5800 ext. 1256.
  2. So what did you think of the muscade IRL?!?! :drool:

  3. I thought it was a very pretty color, much better IRL than in the web photos. It is a softer color than whiskey. It would def. work as a year round bag.
  4. I saw them at Nordies in my area as well and I agree they were REALLY cute! Almost like a mini padd box with a strap. And Muscade is a fabulous brown! I was immediately drawn to the Muscade when I approached the Chloe section. I bet it's gorgeous in the regular satchel!!! :love:
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