2.55 Purple and Light Green in size 226 available at Harrods!!!

  1. Hurry hurry for those who are dying to purhcase a 226!!! :drool:

    There is only one purple left and the bag just came in today!!! Price is GBP1,360. The SA cannot hold the bag for me because there is only one for each colour!!

    Good luck!!
  2. did your SA call u miffy? I got the call just before and I have purchased it already in purple 226 I am so excited!!
  3. No no no, I called the SA and the one she has is not on hold and anyone can purchase it!! So hurry hurry those lucky ladies in the UK!!

    I called Harrods to ask for the metallic red. No luck for me!:crybaby:
  4. My SA called me about this purple reissue and I have bought it! Been waiting forever got this size to come in the UK...kinda gave up hope for a few days till the call.....!
  5. Hey gals! I thot all 226s are all priced at 1,315 GBP? Y is harrods selling at 1360GBP? Thanks
  6. Will there be any purple 227 at UK?

    Thanks a lot!
  7. I want it, I want it...any more left?
  8. I paid £1315 for mine at Harrods. :smile:
  9. Thanks for posting!!
  10. Mmmmm......in that case the nice SA who answered my call got the price wrong then! :p