2.55 is the classic?

  1. I am confused ... I own a classic black quilted flap chanel with the double c closure - is that not the 2.55? The SA in Chanel HK says no - that mine is the classic. So then what is the 2.55? I understand the 2.55 was reissued where the clasp is now a metal plate stating CHANEL with a different closure ..

    confused ....
  2. it is the 255, the generic naame is classic flap, which includes many other bags
  3. then the SA needs education!!!
  4. Lol..it sounds like she only knows it by one name. It can be called either name but the 2.55 is more specific.
  5. 2.55 is the most classic bag of all time.
  6. lol one of US needs to work there!! we're more EDUCATED
  7. You know, sometimes I say that with SOME of the LV stores. Like the boutique in my Neiman's. The SAs act like you have no idea what you're talking about, when in fact, you do.
  8. Hmm so the 2.55 is a specific size of the classics?

    I have a medium- that is not a 2.55 right? bcs my SA tells me the 2.55 is bigger...
  9. I think the sizes are referred to as follows: 225(small), 226(medium), 227(large), and I think there may be a 228(?). I could be wrong, if so please correct me.
  10. Mine says medium on the receipt but I think I was told its too small to be a 2.55 lol
  11. The 2.55 refers to the model and the other numbers (225-228) to size, I think.
  12. There is a good thread that discusses this called:
    For those curious about sizes of the 2.55: pic within
  13. No. 2.55 is not a model number. 2.55 is the Classic flap. The 2.55 refers to the date in which it first came out. February of 1955. (and yes there is a 228 reissue, that is the jumbo sized bag)
  14. So, is the 2005 limited edition and reissues the 2.55?
  15. This seems a little bit confusing, as far as I know, 2.55 was the original name of the style because it came out on Feb. 1955. However, because chanel released the reissue last year (reissue is a term we use here only, the SA has no idea what reissue is), the SA calls the reissue the "2.55," so the other classic flaps, usually made of lambskin or caviar, the SA calls those "classic flap". If you say 2.55, the SA would think you are talking about the reissue. But in general the style itself is 2.55.

    224, 225, 226, 227 and 228 are part of (i believe is the last 3 digits) the model numbers of the last year reissue, they are specific sizes for the reissues only. 224 is the smallest and 228 is the biggest. The size 225 is the size of the original design when it came out back in 1955.

    With the "classic flap," which is usually made of lambskin or caviar, the sizes are usually refered to as small, medium and jumbo I think.