2.55 in Dubai?

  1. I have the opportunity to travel to Dubai next week.:p Can anyone pls tell me whether i can get the 2.55 in Dubai and any more info on the shop location, color and size available etc? Thks.
  2. Dubai Chanel Boutiques in :

    Wafi city ( 1st floor)... this is the largest & the best boutique in dubai ( fine jewellery, custome jewellery, RTW, bags, shoes, makeup, sunglasses...etc) ... & they have the 2.55 in different colors & sizes.

    Burjuman mall ( 2nd floor , new extension): ( bags, shoes, custome jewellery, sunglasses)

    first visit wafi boutique ... hope thats will help you :flowers:

  3. i was there just two weeks ago and both boutiques had the 2.55. they had it in blue/227 - for sure.