1st Season (2005) Stam - What Color is This?

  1. I was looking thru some old mags/pics last night & came across this MJ layout from an October 2005 issue of Celebrity Living (no longer in publication). I'm wondering what color this bag is that Mary J. Blige is carrying? Obviously, these bags were part of the 1st season (f/w 2005) of the Stam/quilted styles, but I don't ever recall this shade. I thought the first season colors were Black, Taupe, Petrol Blue, Ivory and some kind of Purple (Violet? Plum?). It also looks like this is Nappa leather & not Icy. Does anyone know anything about this bag/color??

  2. ^I'm going to take an educated guess...Could this be the smooth Nappa petrol?

    I knew she had a petrol. Could it be the flash?
  3. I was thinking petrol too, but wasn't sure
  4. yup, it's nappa petrol! super rare bag!!
  5. ooohh! i like this. very pretty!
  6. Does it look like that IRL or did the flash really wash out all the color??
  7. ^ i would think it'd be darker? it doesn't look like the icy petrol at all.