1st coach - help :(

  1. ok before I get too excited on buying my 1st coach bag...
    I'm 5'9 & around 110lbs
    I just wanted to know how small would a small hobo look on me? like an ergo or a hampton
    I mean, is it those armpit types of bags?
    The closest coach store is an hour away so i really cant "try" these things out so if u have any pics of how small these bags are & maybe an interior pic, i would really appreciate it.

    the only reason why i'm being so picky is because I really want to get as much as I can out of a $300 purchase & I def. want to get a matching mini skinny or wristlet.

    any suggestions?
  2. Onthe Coach website when you look up a specific bag, there is a
    "try it on" feature. That may give you a general id what a bag will look like handheld and on your shoulder. With your height you could pull off a Carly.

  3. You should def look in the Coach Reference guide. It has grear pics and some modeling pics. Good luck choosing your first Coach!:tup:
  4. Hi! I'm a small bag girl so I think I can help you out. Although I'm 5'6 and 149 lbs so I am a bit heavier.

    The small Ergo hobo will be shoved in your armpit. For that, I'd go with a medium. It's far more comfortable.

    Carly demi's are nice. I have one and it fits comfortably on my shoulder with plenty of room to spare under my arm.

    I just got a small Hamptons Stripe Hobo and it has plenty of room, so it just depends on the shape of the bag! Good luck!
  5. I agree with LaurenAshley.....definitely choose a medium if you're going to get an Ergo. THe drop length will be perfect for you and won't be shoved in your armpit and the bag size will look good without being too small or too big. I'm 5'10" 130 lbs...heavier than you but about the same height and I like the way the medium ergos look and feel on me. The Hampton's hobos are probably the only line that you could get away with a small and have it look and feel good because of their shape and longer drop length. $300 is a good budget. I would put most of your money towards your bag and then add a mini skinny or wristlet down the road. :yes:
  6. cverhoff...ok i get what you're saying & that makes very good sense.
    ok since the small ergo is an armpit bag, that's off my list.

    i was looking in the hamptons reference guide just now for a pic of the leather small hobo but i didnt see 1 but i was looking at the specs on the coach website & the 9 inch drop does sound very nice.

    do you think there is much difference between the sizes of leather hamptons small hobo & the signature small hobo?

  7. Are you looking at the small ROUND hobos? The signature and leather are both the same size....[​IMG]

    here's a pic of the leather...not sure what color you like...
  8. here's the medium sized ergo I was talking about. It comes in more colors. Even though its a medium and you're looking for a small bag, its really not too big at all. Very cute! Great bag for a first Coach!

  9. ^^^I love my medium Ergo. So roomy!!
  10. yea i was looking at the small round.
    wow that ergo looks even better in a bigger pic but i think i will make that my 2nd official coach bag in november!!!

    ok i've made up my mind. omg i cant believe i'm actually debating about buying a coach bag!!
    i'll get the hamptons black small leather round hobo for $218
    *early birthday present to myself :graucho:*
    & a matching wristlet or mini skinny around the end of the month
    that should fit my $300 budget.

    thank you ladies for all your help & advice!
  11. I think the try it on feature is your best option...I've done it myself. Of course, the girl in it is slender, so maybe they should have an option to adjust body size as well as height, LOL!!

  12. GREAT CHOICE!!! Congrats early!!! Post pics when you get it. We would love to see you with your new, first Coach! :tup: