1999 Shooting Star Cadena

  1. I was very surprised to find that this is still available at one of the H stores in SG. Anyone looking for this??? :graucho: :graucho:

  2. Yes yes yes...this was the year my first son was born. DO you know how much?
  3. I remember reading that someone was looking for this one. I will let that person take it but if I ever find another . . . I will get one because my street name 'shooting star'
  4. Congrats Princess
  5. Sorry, Princess! I didn't ask! I saw it in the glass showcase and exclaimed "Hey, isn't that the shooting star cadena?" The SA smiled and nodded. I asked her which year the cadena was made for, but at that moment she couldn't recall. She unlocked the showcase, turned it upside down and said 1999. I was puzzled and asked how is it possible that the store still has it, and the supervisor said it is because a customer ordered one some time back, and Paris was only wiling to send a "min" number of pieces, and so ....
  6. Oh dear, I think many are looking for this one, myself included. Sign me up if it's in PH and still available.
  7. It is in palladium, orchids.
  8. OH MAN, MrsS...I PM'd you earlier.
  9. if anyone sees one in gold, let me know PLEASE
  10. Mrssparkles...I pm'ed you. Any idea of the phone number of the store? Where is SG? I am going to call right now...
  11. orchids - received your PM. And replied you too.

    princess - I've PMed you the phone number of the store. it's close to midnight for us here, so you'll have to call in 10 hours' time. That makes it Friday 10 am SG time. Singapore is in Asia!
  12. too late, ladies -- i just ordered it to sell on eBay. :devil:

    just kidding. but i could hear you all squealing from accross the country. :p
  13. LOL! I'm sure you could hear the collective gasp! DQ (and MrsS)--NOT necessarily a bad idea! Some crazy H-addict (cough) might just shell out enough $$$ for it.

  14. Thanks. I didn't realize you were in Singapore. I couldn't figure out what the SG stood for!! Sorry to seem stupid!! Thanks for the info.

  15. ^^:mad: :mad: :mad:

    Just kidding!!!