1994 cadena?

  1. Was there a cadena issued for 1994? I've been using my japanese "super catalog" as a reference and they don't have one listed for 1994..if there was one ...can someone tell me what it was? Thanks bunches!!!:heart::heart:
  2. According to this, there was a cadena in 1994 (I've no idea what it is though!:shame:smile::
  3. THere are so many beautiful ones... Are all still available? :graucho:
  4. 1994 was the Soleil (sun) cadena.. That one may be tough to find. You can still find the hippo, pelican, pegasus, heart, sailboat, mediterannee, and the hand in a store here and there.
  5. Some are :nuts: and some aren't.:sad: You can do what I did and go eBay route!:idea:
  6. I don't know about eBay.. =/ But it seems like the ones I want the most are still around, the pegasus, the hippo, and the lyre.
  7. The Lyre will be pretty hard to find. I've been searching high and low for it and just recently found one (on eBay). They seem to be pretty rare but do pop up (on eBay) once in a while. Good luck!:flowers:
  8. clinkenwar, check Ebay under Hermes lock and you'll find two of these.....
  9. Thanks..everyone.. I did see that one..I think I just didn't care for it..shame because DD was born that year..I may have to stick with my wedding year instead of my DD's birth years
  10. Maybe if you find the cadenas, you could get them for your DD's. It's a great little trinket!!