18th birthday

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  1. Hi :smile:
    Basically my sister turns 18 in 3 weeks and my parents are really interested in buying her a nice bag so I was wondering whether you could help me on prices for the classic bags that chanel sell or any current ones that arent overly branded as I don't think she'd like it that much if it had a massive logo on the front.

    Sorry if this is a bit vague haha but we're really not sure where to start!
  2. oh and we're in London so prices in £ would be great! :smile:
  3. It's probably easier to know what your budget is and work from there. For an 18 yer old, I would think a WOC or Half Moon would be nice.
  4. How much is the budget?
  5. Sorry completely forgot to put budget! haha, probably max. £1500
  6. £1500 is close to $2300 - I would suggest woc or pst/gst
  7. a woc (wallet on chain). they're gorgeous
  8. WoC. Definitely :smile:
  9. woc, theyre cuteeee and suits an 18 y/o (like me !)
  10. Woc or a mini flap!
  11. I just got a pst for my 18th it's gorgeous
  12. I think a GST would be very nice and practical..otherwise a WOC..the current collection has many colourful ones and styles to choose from =)
  13. a GST in any color would be really nice, or even a PST.

    I actually really like the cambon bags, but I know that they lose some of their appeal because everyone seems to carry them and there's a lot of fakes.
  14. I think mini flap or PST