$160 for Botkier Sasha?

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  1. A co-worker is parting with her new, unused Botkier Sasha tote (see pic below) in chocolate. I'm not up to speed on pricing, but is $160 a good buy for the tote style (not duffel)? What do people think of this style? Too boring? Trendy? I'd appreciate any thoughts!

  2. This is a nice bag! And $160 is a very good price for an unused Botkier bag. I think nobody knows more than youself whether you like it or not. Since I love Botkier bags, I would definitely buy this bag at $160. And hey, it is UNUSED! I think the original price of this is $600+!
  3. OMG! That's a great price for an unused Sasha!! Let us know if you decide to go for it and if so, what you think of it! I have it in bordeaux and love the style for work.
  4. That is a great price for that bag! I think it would be great for work.
  5. It's a beautiful bag and that price would definitely be hard to say no to!
  6. Wow - gorgeous bag and what a fab price!
  7. Thanks to everyone for the input! I bought it and it's more beautiful in person than in the picture. From the pictures I looked at, I worried it might be somewhat matronly. But irl -- because the leather is buttery soft and very slouchy -- it's looks like a classic style with more kick. It's just the right size and structure to wear with form fitting tailored clothes as well as more casual attire.
  8. oh, and i forgot to mention - after actually seeing the bag, another one of my co-workers offered to double the amount i was paying ($320) but the co-worker who was selling it had already given me first dibs. i think i got extremely lucky with the price.
  9. That's a great deal! Congrats that you got it!
  10. What a deal and how honest of the co-worker to honor her price to you. Congrats!
  11. Late to this thread, but congratulations! I love that bag and have it in two colors. You are right, I can wear it for work and it is still slouchy enough for play. Also, it's easy to get to my stuff. Just make sure you treat it with some type of water protectant because water will leave marks.
  12. which one did you use Suzi
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    Omg. I saw some girl carrying that bag the other day and I couldn't figure out who made it! It was such a good-looking bag, I immediately wanted it. I did some serious searching, figured out it was a version of Botkier's Sasha and came across this post. You're right, it DOES look much better IRL. Not a photogenic bag -the pictures don't capture its beauty, LOL. Where can I buy this???? Other than ebay? I can't find this at Saks or Bloomies and it's sold out on tobi.com ....

    Anyone know where I can buy this in chocolate other than ebay?
  14. Grab it!