$148,000 of matte goodness

  1. As updated in this thread, Megs and I saw a diamond encrusted 30 centimeter black matte croc Birkin with white gold today. It was always somewhat of a ghost that we knew it existed but never thought we'd see it in real life. It is quite gorgeous, can't say I totally agree with the steep price tag of $148,000. We would have loved to snap a picture but obviously couldn't.

    Also, as many of you already know, a price increase will come in March. :tdown:
  2. Oh, gosh! That must have been a thrill. It would have taken my breath away for sure!!
  3. I was in Bal Harbour recently and I didn't get to see that little gem. Wow! I would love to have seen it. Did Megs get to "pet" it? LOL
  4. When I WAS IN PARIS asking for a little croco treat my SA PROPOSED ME ...AS A ONLY CROCODILE OPTIONS....
    but I still thinking birkin and kelly are so classy e unique in they timeless semplicity so they don't really need anything else to be special.....:yes:
    hermes birkin I love you just the way you are:flowers:
  5. Wait till you see a matte croc birkin with regular hardware, Vlad. It's even more chic. And (relatively) easier on the bank account.
  6. I saw one with shiny croc at the Wall Street store in Nov. Yes, it's beautifully done, but just not my style (or my budget!!!). I could find something a LOT more spectacular in diamonds for over $100,000 than the hardware on a handbag, and still have a fabulous croc bag, too. Not good value to my thinking...
  7. ^you make a great point, India!
  8. My sweet SA brought out from the back a 30 cm shiny black croc birkin with the diamonds to show me, and we both joked that my DH should get it for me for Christmas. Best laugh I've had in months...

    $149,000.00 in Canada...
  9. Hmmm...I'm wondering what's going on with these. I saw one months ago at the SCP store, then I saw one at Wall St. a few weeks later, and Beverly Hills has had a steady stream of diamond-encrusted Birkins for months on end. In fact, right now, they have an orange one, and they had a green Kelly with diamonds on Friday, too. Before the one I saw at SCP, I hadn't seen any for over a year, now it seems like several stores have gotten at least one this past year.

    I agree, though, it's truly something to see one IRL.
  10. ITA!:yes::biggrin:
  11. Well, a 35cm croc birkin with diamonds can be yours for only $168,000 :biggrin: :graucho:
  12. Excuse me for straying from the main topic of this thread, but where can I find mor einfo on this price increase in march? Will it be world-wide, including France? I thought it was january? TIA for any more information (as I'm going to Paris riiight before March starts.. :graucho:)
  13. The reason for the price hike is the weak dollar with relation to the Euro. Hence, my guess would be that only the US market will be hit with... Hermes HQ want their money's worth when selling to the American market, with the steadily declining dollar it was only a matter of time until that was going to affect the price tags.
  14. ^
    Thanks! :tup:

    So no confirmed price increases in Europe then..?
  15. This baby has been there a while!