1408 freakiest movie ever!!!

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  1. So scary movies these days are so lame withotu a good story... I went to go watch 1408 last night.. and I did expect a good scare.. this was just so freaky!

    I recommend everone to go watch it if you like a nice twist. It has made me fear hotel rooms, looking outside the window and just about everything

    :tup: please go watch!
  2. Yes, we plan to see it this weekend. But I don't like slasher/thrasher movies so I hope this one will be okay for me!
  3. Sounds fun!!!!!
    If it's anything like the movie Vacancy which freaked me out about small town hotels, I'm definately seeing it. I have a girlfriend who she and I catch a "scarey" flick and coffee every other Friday, and this will definately be on our list.
  4. Cant wait
  5. I want to see this myself, I love scary movies, I just saw Abandoned and that was pretty freaky and tragic and also both Hostel 1 and 2.
  6. ^^ I JUST FINISHED ABANDONED. lol, it was a dvd rental. I was watching this movie not expecting it to be soooo freaky. Man was I wrong. :push:
  7. I'm planning to go watch this with my girlfriends! I'm hearing some pretty good reviews about it.

    Can't wait and John Cusack is in it. ;D
  8. ^^^
    I wanna see this flick!
    I've had it for John Cusack since 1984's Sixteen Candles.:graucho: