$1250 for a pre-loved small caviar classic flap, is it worth it? Please HELP!!!

  1. Is it worth it? The seller's last price is $1250. I don't know how old the bag is but she has the old carebooklet for it. The bag is in excellent condition, but I just can't decide. Should I get it or wait fr a better deal? Please help!!!

  2. do you mean mini?? or medium-sized?
  3. ^^Dunno for sure. The dimensions acdg to her are: 9 X 5.5 X 2.5.

  4. get it quick before someone else snatches it. medium for $1250 is insane!
  5. what color is it?
  6. black.. so it's a medium? sorry, i'm so clueless.. haha.

  7. Did you authenticate it in the forum? If so buy!!
  8. Yes, I did.. Thanks girls!:smile::tup:
  9. That is the small. The medium is 10". If you can tell us the holo number we'll know how old it is. Its a decent price if it is in good condition (caviar wears so well I bet it is)
  10. $1250 for small is still amazing deal! lols

    i dont think you can really even tell the difference between a small and a medium when they are worn..