12-digit barcode numbers on the Nordstrom price tag

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  1. A buyer is asking for the 12 digit barcode numbers on the Nordstrom sticker tag on the purse I'm selling so that he can verify the bag w/ the store before they bid. Is that legit? Wouldn't that sticker tag number also reveal my credit card number and other info? Have you guys heard of this before?
  2. I wouldn't give them the info. There is no reason they should have it.
  3. They can figure out what you paid. There are previous posts on this.
  4. I wouldn't do it either.
  5. Nope, wouldn't do it. There's no reason why they need that info at all.
  6. would not give that info out...
  7. How would a price sticker contain your credit card information? He probably just wants to see what you bought the bag sold for.
  8. I would not give the buyer this info.