11 hours to go...

  1. ...you ready for that jelly?


    We got some bloody good guesses as well. :popcorn:
  2. Cant wait!!
  3. LOL my husband said he hopes I win so I'll shut up about it. I got my fingers crossed.
  4. :party: :party: :party:
  5. da da dahhhhhhnnnnnnnnnn. I can 't wait!
  6. I'm so excited! I can't wait to here the answer!
  7. I can't wait!! I still can't believe you are giving away LV! Have I told you lately how much I love this place?!

  8. Ohhh yes, rub it in... GET IN MA BELLY! :rochard:

    Seriously though, I am excited. Can't wait to announce.
  9. ^ BROWN NOSING..EH????LMAO!??

    I cant wait to find out who wins!WOOHOO!!!!SO exciting!
  10. yaaaaaa!!!!! can't wait....
  11. :drinkup: :party:
  12. I've never won anything in my LIFE... I'm sure that's the case here too :shame:
  13. Just the excitement of thinking about winning has been fun. Good luck everyone!
  14. LOL! I wasn't sucking up! I do love it tPF and if if happens to help get me on Vlad's good side then even better!! ;)
  15. I can't wait, but i doubt i won! Thank you for this fantastic contest
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