$1005 BIN Bleu Twiggy

  1. I want this bag so badly, but I need the bags I have listed on eBay to sell first! I have a question: Is the price on this bag higher than the retail price of a Twiggy and, if so, why?
  2. Oh, I hope someone can answer this question: How does this color compare to Blueberry?
  3. The Bleu is like a darker shade of Cornflower and the Blue Berry is a very dark blue in my opinion.

    Also, Twiggy is $1095 (and possibly tax and or shipping)
  4. ^^ Is this not THE cornflower? This is a different blue?
  5. It's cornflower.:yes:
  6. ^^ Thanks Cilia. I thought this was the cornflower, but wasn't sure!
  7. Navy is the official Balenciaga term for what we call "Cornflower." It is a beautiful color and goes well with jeans!
  8. I thought I was nuts...this should be titled Cornflower...beautifiul bag!
  9. Navy, which is bleu, was F/W 05. I'm selling one now and you can clearly see, it's not the same color. That twiggy is cornflower.
  10. I thought it looked like Cornflower but she put Navy blue so I thought it was Blue Roi...:P
  11. blue roi would be darker, more purple undertones.
  12. Oooo a Cornflower Twiggy. I have to push the colour, it's fabulous! It's such a true blue - the Balenciaga I have had the most use for because she goes with so many colours! I am not the seller of the bag, just loving the Cornflower colour and Twiggy's my girl!

    I wish you well,

  13. it's cornflower, just the different name. if only this is TEAL! sniff sniff
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