1000 Places To Visit Before You Die.

  1. The Travel Channel (channel 277 for those who have DirectTV) is going to have a program of all the places you should visit. It's coming on Thursday (Mar.29) @ 9:00 pm. Check your local listing.

    I have a list of places I want to visit before I leave this earth. As you can see there is a lot of them. What are the places you want to visit or have visited already? If you want you can post pics. That will be great. Here's my list:

    The Biltmore Estates (Asheville, NC)
    Cairo, Egypt & The Nile
    The Grand Canyon
    Venice, Italy
    Athens, Greece
    Tokyo, Japan
    Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
    Rio de Janero, Brazil
    New Dehli, India
    Cape Verde
    New York City & Martha's Vineyard
    Negril, Jamaica
    Sri Lanka
    Australia, Sydney & Great Barrier Reef
    The cayman Islands
    Madrid, Spain
    Bora Bora
    Hong Kong
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. I cannot list 1000 :smile: but really want to go to Santorini and Bora2.
  3. Hawaii (want to see where I was born)
    New Zealand
    Caribbean (Jamaica)
    Germany (want to see where I lived from age 2-6)
    New York
    Jerusalem (would love to see where Christ died)
  4. ALL parts of China (i've only been in major cities, but I'd like to see some rural areas too)

    India, Japan, Egypt, Russia, Greece, France, Italy, Spain...hmmm... that's it for now
  5. I want to go to Egypt
  6. I'd love to visit every country in Europe
  7. Well, I have lived in
    - England (was born there, seen many places there)
    - Dubai (UAE, amazing place!)
    - Kuwait (certainly interesting, but not a holiday destination IMO)
    - Vancouver, Canada (beautiful, so pretty)

    In total, I have been to the following places:
    - Alberta (Cnd province)
    - Bahrain
    - British Columbia (Cnd province)
    - California
    - Dubai
    - England
    - Florida
    - France
    - Hawaii
    - Iraq (well, about 100m from it at the Kuwait border)
    - Kuwait
    - New York
    - Oman
    - Saskatchewan (Cnd province)
    - Saudi Arabia
    - Scotland
    - Spain
    - Thailand
    - Washington state

    Would love to go to the following:
    - Australia (for the scuba diving)
    - Amsterdam (hmm, for the culture)
    - Arizona (the Grand Canyon)
    - Eygpt (Pyramids etc)
    - Iceland (cause it looks preety)
    - Italy (Pisa, Pompeii)
    - Japan (for the people)
    - Las Vegas (will be going for my 21st)
  8. I forgot Scotland and Pompeii, Italy. I saw a movie about it where a volcano erupts killing hundreds of people. There bodies are still perserved there.
  9. The only exciting places I have been to is Switzerland, St. Lucia, Kauai, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Miami Florida.

    I’d like to go to: Japan, New York, Paris, London, Germany, Dubai, The Grand Canyon, Bora Bora, Bahamas, Iceland, Denmark, and Norway
  10. I've been fortunate enough to travel a lot, some of the most interesting places I've visited (in my opinion) are:

    Jerusalem (it really is an amazing city, I can really understand why it's considered to be a holy city by three religions! And it is just incredibly beautiful) and the rest of Israel (the Dead Sea etc.),

    a small village called Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia (everything - and I mean everything there is blue and white or one of those colours)
    Krakow, Poland
    Copenhagen, Denmark (my favourite city in Scandinavia by far)
    Madrid, Spain
    Prague, Czech Republic
    And the western most point of Algarve, Portugal (forgot what it is called, but its where Europe ends basically)

    I'd love to go to

    NYC again (I've been there as a child, but I dont remember much, so I'd love to go again)
    China (several places, including the bigger cities of course, as well as Wolong- where they have a center for panda bears)
    Japan (mostly Tokyo, but I'd love to travel around there as well)

    and South Africa (or any place in Africa where I can go on a safari, really!)
  11. Some where in Greece for me. Its so beautiful
  12. When I was three to when I was five, we lived in England.

    We lived on Kwajalein (an island part of the Marshall Islands in the middle of the South Pacific for six years).

    Living there made it easy for us to travel, so we've been to:

    Hawaii, France, England, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Fiji and Phonpei.

    (During one excursion, we stopped in Japan for an hour to switch planes.)

    When we moved back to Massachusetts, we spent on Spring Break in Spain.

    When I was in college, I studied in London the fall semester of my junior year.

    After college, my parents took me on a trip to St. Maarten.

    I'd love to go back to those places so I can really appreciate them, and any excuse to go back to London is a good one.

    I'd also love to see Rome.
  13. I lived in Hawaii (oahu) all my life and I've hardly been anywhere. I've only been to 2 other islands (Hawaii-Big Island & Kauai), Vegas, Seattle, and LA (to go to Disneyland). I'd love to go to many places especially Asian countries, since my major is Asian Studies. Here's my list:

    -other islands in Hawaii-Maui, Molokai, Lanai (probably would never have a chance to go to Niihau or Kahoolawe)
    -Japan (next year)
    -Poland (want to see the Holocaust museum)
    -major US cities (New York, Miami, Chicago, etc)
    -Washington DC