$1000 budget

  1. I am being a pest, I know! I posted this earlier but someone suggested that I say what my budget is.

    help! her birthday is tomorrow and the LV shop is walking distance from my apartment.


    Hi everyone,

    I am in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and am looking for the perfect LV gift for my husband's 89 year-old grandma.

    She's wanted a LV all her life! On her every bday, she would kiddingly say that she wants a LV purse but no one has ever given her one. She hardly goes out and when she does, it's with her driver and her nurse-companion.

    My budget is tight but this gentle and sweet lady surely deserves a brand new and original one.

    Any suggestions? Please remember my budget.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. As I said on the other thread you made:

    Maybe the Batignolles Horizontal $775


    The Cabas Mezzo $940
  3. i much prefer the Batignolles Horizontal, but whatever you think she would like best, jeeze u guys get cheap lv that bag would be at least 1300 in australia

  4. Thanks, I am making a list and taking it with me to the store!
  5. Yeh, it's not fair!!
  6. Mono Speedy's a classic. What sort/style of bag does your grandma like? Or will she be happy with anything that's LV?

  7. But its Australian dollars is it not?
  8. If she likes handheld bags I would suggest an Alma. It is a classic shape and I think it is just beautiful. I have a mono Alma that I bought about ten years ago and I love it. A Mono or Damier Alma is approximately $835, the Epi Alma is $990.
  9. Oh that´s so sweet from you !!!
    I try to think of what my own grandma would like (she is 84), first of all something more "classic" that has been around at LV forever.
    A smaller bag, and a shoulder one, bc grandmas don´t like big heavy bags.....don´t like them and can´t carry them.
    But of course that grandma might be all different !!!
    So my choice would be in mono, either :

    -musette tango.......simple design
    -Noe.....the most representative of LV
    -Drouot......nice one
    -Tambourin.......cute !
    -Saint Cloud.......Very "chic"

    Oh now I want to spoil my own grandma (but Mum = super jealous !)
  10. I think it's more like owning one, you know? thanks for the suggestion!
  11. ^^ I think its so sweet what you're doing. I'd love to be able to do that for my grandma. Not sure she'd appreciate it tho' - she's a child of the War. Doesn't believe in excessive expenditure.
  12. Taking into consideration that she's 89, I think an LV that is easy to open (like a top zipper with one zipper pull versus two or open style), fairly easy to carry, handbag style or one shoulder strap (not two) and light-weight. Nothing too trendy but more of a classic style. I suggest a Monogram Speedy 25 or 30 or Vavin PM depending on how much she currently carries in her purse. Or if she usually uses a shoulder bag, I would stick with that style and get her a Monogram Musette Tango or Druot. These are fairly light-weight hand and shoulder bags and do not require her to unbuckle or untie anything to get in. Good luck!
  13. I agree, I think the Alma would be a great bag. It fits your budget and I think it's a very classy bag!

    So thoughtful of you! :biggrin: Whatever you decide, I'm sure she will love it.
  14. I think an Alma or Speedy, or maybe the Ellipse in mono would be best. They are classic, iconic LV shapes that are still popular today, and all within your price range.
  15. I agree with the others who have said Alma. The Ellipse is also very lovely too, with a slightly more eclectic edge but lovely silhouette.