$10-$30K Bags @ Coach Forum II Shops *LONG*

  1. Ok so on the spur of the moment my sister and I went tonight to Caesars Forum Shops since I have not been there in over a month to check out the new stuff...I like to go to the Forum II shops since they have the best stuff there and they didn't disappoint....First off, I noticed that they had a lot of the Ergo Patchwork Psychedelic bags (LOVE THEM!) right up front as soon as you walk in and we got a friendly welcome from a Coach SA...actually they were all very nice...I was looking at a Leigh bag that looked like alligator to me (and I was also surprised at how small the Leigh bags actually are in general)...it was a dark grayish/slate blue color with dark gunmetal hardware (not my style) but sure enough it was alligator....price? $10,000....of course I thought that was the most expensive bag in the store? Right? WRONG!

    They had the Phoebe Swing Leather jacket in there that was absolutely adorable and it has some of the softest leather I have ever felt...while my sister and I were commenting on how soft the leather was I glanced down at the mannaquins arm and it's holding a beautiful honey brownish color alligator Miranda bag! The Miranda is bigger than I thought it was, so of course I flipped over the price tag...$20,000.00:wtf:

    On the bottom of the display (same display as the Phoebe Swing Jacket and the alligator Miranda) they had a big piece of luggage- I don't know what the name is of it, but this was also ALL ALLIGATOR....:wtf: I was afraid to flip over the price tag but I did it anyway:yes: $30,000.00...need I say more? It was the same color as the Miranda alligator one...

    In addition to the alligator bags they had the $7000.00 Ostrich Lily in the Brass/Petrol color and I wasn't impressed at all, I actually think it looks better in pictures than it does in person...they also had the black leather Lily as well and I wasn't impressed with that either so I think I will just pass on the Lily totally unless I see some of the other colors...They also had lots of Carly's in leather and signature but the chocolate leather Carly I touched the leather was tough and dull, reminded me of the Coach bags from 10 years ago...but I guess that was just one of a few...

    Sorry no pictures, since it's a Coach store and there are SA's who are tPF members I just didn't know if it would of been right to do so I didn't take any to be on the safe side..

    That store is one of the nicest in the country, they have practically everything there...if anyone gets a chance to come here to Las Vegas it's a must for the Coach lover...but I didn't get anything since I couldn't decide on which bag I wanted and didn't want to return anything but stay tuned because I will probably be going back there next week:graucho:
  2. oooh! i'm going to las vegas labor day weekend to visit family! i will have to check this store out! thanks for sharing:smile:
  3. Ohh, I would LOVE to visit that store! :tup: Granted, I am not a "high roller" buy any means so I will never be able to afford them, but I would love to see the aliigator and ostrich bags IRL.
  4. Oh wow that is alot of money.
  5. I didn't know Coach could be so expensive!
  6. Wow that's crazy. I definitely need to go to Vegas.
  7. That must be stellar! They have all the "star" catering accoutrements there! That's WHY Coach can be so expensive.
  8. there also is a travel bag in alligator that is

    wait for it


  9. saw it in a boutique yesterday
  10. Wow I would need huge gambling winnings first before going in there, LOL! Thanks for the scoop!
  11. Yes, that is a nice store... I have been there a few times myself :tup: crazy prices on those things you saw :wtf:
  12. ^^^I have to admit I was even surprised to see how expensive those alligator bags were! I thought maybe the Miranda would be about $9000.00 but not $20,000!
  13. No problem! And that's what it's all about being here with the gambling! There is no better feeling than winning tons of money and being able to shop till you drop!:yes:
  14. WHOA!!! I guess the one for $30K was outdone! LOL
  15. Oh it is stellar to see all those beautiful bags there and the prices are nothing to some people...that's why they have some of the best stuff here...ITA about this is the reason why it can be so expensive...one the SA's told me that they sold a $3,000 Ostrich bag that day...people do buy these bags believe it or not!:yes: