1 bag or 2 bags for the cost of 1 bag???

  1. Hi....i just came from my LV store. I fell in love:love: with the MC trouville. But what i really went in to get was a Damier 30 & Mono 35. Now I dont know what to do:confused1: I cant get all 3 bags(DH will kick me out of the house)!!! The trouville is the cost of both mono35 & damier30 combined. I sold my damier 25 because it was just too small for my taste and wanted to replace it with a 30. The mono 35 is not very common. BUT the trouville is :nuts:eye catching:nuts: Soooooo, what would you guys do??? get the MC trouville or the Damier30 & Mono35???
  2. It depends what you NEED and will use the most?? Can you get one speedy and the trouville??
  3. i would go with the trouville. its not as common as the speedy and its v cute in MC
  4. I wanted the MC Trouville for the longest time as well but got discouraged after reading (in this forum) about color transfer and the bag being too heavy. Someone mentioned she contacted 866-Vuitton about color rubbing off her MC Wapity Case and the SA mentioned MC Canvas is untreated :sad: . It is a beautiful bag but I am too scared now :shrugs: . I love my Damier Speedy 30 and Mono 35 :love: !!!
  5. I like the trouville too! Ive always seen the deauville and have never seen the trouville until my last trip to LV. I thought it was just the cutest bag! I dont know why I didnt notice this bag earlier. I would definitely go for the trouville!
  6. the trouville is cute I'd get that!
  7. The Trouville is very cute, but then again with the other two bags, you would have two canvases and two sizes to choose from depending on your needs. it is a tough decision.
  8. you returned a Speedy25 because it's too small. the Trouville is even smaller. replacing something already deemed small with an even smaller bag just because it's cute invalidates the original reason why you sold the Damier Speedy 25 in the first place. just get the Damier Speedy 30 for now. :yes:
  9. i returned it because i like my speedies bigger, not because i need more room:shame: i had the damier 25 then i got the mini lin speedy and after carrying the mini lin around the 25 just seemed too small IMO. but i like how the MC trouville looks on me (didnt like the mono trouville). the MC alma was really nice but i cant handle all that vachetta on the bottom:yucky:
  10. technically i dont really need any of these bags:shame: its more of a want thing:graucho:

    i wish i can get 2 bags but i cant:crybaby: the mc trouville is 81,500 pesos here so roughly 1663USD:wtf: ....so its pretty expensive, its only 1400USD in the states.
  11. for me ... get the trouville first ... you can always get the speedies later :yes:
  12. My vote is for the MC Trouville. :heart:
  13. now i see.... go for the Trouville then! im not a fan of Multicolour, but i must admit the Trouvile is very cute indeed :yes:
  14. Even though I adore the MC trouville.. I've never been able to bring myself to get it for pretty much the same reason.. one bag or two ?! I chose the two, mostly because I feel that the other ones that I've gotten in monogram are more durable and I would use them more PLUS they'd be better in more contexts (e.g. work, something more formal) rather than for casualish days. :yes:

    GO TWO BAGS ! :graucho:
  15. ive actually gone through the same dilemma in the end i got 2 speedies! a mini lin and an azur, both 30's. im very happy with my choice! with that price difference id rather have two! if you have that much on your budget, get 2 speedies and a little something to go with it, like a keychain or something.

    Where exactly is the LV store in Manila?? If you dont mind me asking :shame: