09 Anthracite City SGH or 09 Praline City SGH?


Oct 21, 2008
Sydney, Australia
Hey Ladies,

I have recently purchased my first Bal - 09 Black City RH! I'm now on a prowl for my second bag and I'm so confused on whether I buy:

- 09 Anthracite City SGH; OR
- 09 Praline City SGH;

I am concerned that the Anthracite may look too similar to my current bag. Or does the SGH give it a totally different look?

I love the Praline, but I'm really scared of getting it dirty.

I wasn't considering a PT either on the basis that I'm 5'3" and 90pounds.

I am really loving the look of the SGH.... so do I just part with my current Black RH and just buy both Black GSH and Praline GSH?? :confused1:

Decisions, decisions!!! Would love to hear from all you lovely ladies! :heart:



Jun 6, 2008
The anthracite is more of a bluish grey, so it would not be so close if the black on your city is dark. I love the praline also, but worry about the dirt issue too. I would say go for the praline city......sometimes you just have to take a chance....let us know what you decide.

Bridget S.

Apr 27, 2006
I would say that because you already have a dark City, go with the Praline. If you pre-treat it then it shouldn't be a problem with dirt etc, just keep up with the application of Apple Garde!

I wish you well,



Aug 20, 2007
AZ, Phoenix
I was torn with the same decision too? Why not PT??
I think it is a great size, I am of the same built as you...
I was contempleting about getting it because of the dirt everyone tells me how gorgeous looking it is in real life... I have to get it..

It is not much bigger than a city, and looks really good if you wear it crossed body.


Apr 23, 2008
09 Anthracite doesn't really look anything like black, unless you're in very, very low lighting. Anthra is essentially a deep, dark gray, but with vivid blue undertones. I have an anthra CGH midday and the colour is really delightful. Therefore, don't worry about reproducing the black colour. RH and GH are completely different in appearance and scale. GH is very powerful, dominating the city size bag. It is not for the faint hearted.
The praline is a lovely, light neutral tone, but as Bridget advised, you will have to Apple Garde it from time to time. IMO Praline SGH would make a lovely contrast to your black RH city.
Do you like the leather on your current RH? If you're not enamoured of the leather, then perhaps you can let it go. However, a black RH city is like a wardrobe staple. If you did let it go, I'm sure you'd pine for one again in the near future.
Whatever your decision, keep us informed of your choice :smile:


Nov 5, 2006
Hong Kong
i vote for anthra! coz that's is my next target, i already have a black RH city and a black GGH PT! i dont think they will look alike! so go for it, i am not a fan of light colors as well...


Oct 21, 2008
Sydney, Australia
Hello Lovely Ladies!!!

You've all been so wonderful :tender:and I really appreciate all your comments. I am thinking Anthra more and more!!!!! I do love the Praline, but I know my OCD will drive me insane and I'd be too scared to use.

So Anthra it is ladies!!!

Erica has not Anthra left right now, but I'll wait patiently for the next batch!!! :yahoo:

THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!!!! Much Love xxx :heart:


Jul 5, 2007
Alberta, Canada
I would say Praline but I am not sure what the color looks like (I haven't received my Praline GSH PT still I paid for it 5 weeks ago, so I am getting a refund..anyways). But I know it is a neutral color that should go with everything and since you already have black why not go with a lighter neutral color?


Jan 19, 2008
I just got my praline RH city! Love it so much :smile: I have thought about the color for two months. I have a back RH in part-time too, that's the reason I did not think about any dark color. Anyway, I bought the Lovinmybag cleanser, protection and handle only protection, it is a little expense, hope it works well. Good luck :smile:
May 9, 2008
sylvia, you made a good choice. good luck on your wait. while in the wait, continue reading on... you might soon have a change of heart. almost all ladies here would want you to get a Praline. so do I! it is just so lovely specially w/ gh. think about it, pls.


Apr 4, 2008
Yay on your decision! I kind of was having the same thoughts, I didn't want to get anthra because of the similiarities to black. Now that I have anthra GSH I can see that they do indeed have a very different feel, so I don't regret it at all. Can't wait for the next batch to come so you can get your bag!