'06 INK, '05 INDIGO, or '05 NAVY?

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  1. I have already decided that the next b-bag I want is the '05 Turquoise City. After I manage to land one of those, I'm having trouble deciding between the '06 Ink, '05 Indigo, or the'05 Navy :s for my next purchase. I haven't seen too many pictures of either the Indigo or the Navy. If any one would care to post pictures of their bags in any of these colors......it would probably make it a lot easier for me to make a choice. Then again it might not.
  2. Here is my 05' Navy

    She was extreemly veiny and thin when I got her.

    She has been treated with LMB products

    See pic below...
    100_1683.jpg 100_1681.jpg
  3. I LOVE that navy. Love love love it! Yours looks particularly scrumptious and chewy.
  4. Thanks xox

    If only you had seen her BEFORE I treated her... she was soooo thin and veiny...I'm still trying to locate pics to compare for another thread!
  5. 1st : indigo '05
    2nd : navy '05
    3rd : ink '06

  6. Go for INK!!
    I have an Ink and it is such a cool colour, it is dark dark blue in some light and then a purple-y colour in other light! A real chameleon!!
  7. INK without hesitations !!!
  8. Here are photos of all three colors (indigo, ink, navy):
    indigocity1fronthang.JPG inkpursefrontflat.JPG navycityfrontflat.JPG
  9. I love in INK it's my all time favorite!
  10. 05 Indigo !!
  11. citychris, can you post pics of the indigo and navy side by side? Sorry to be a pain, but I started a thread about this a while ago with no responses. I've never seen either IRL, and would love see a comparison shot. :flowers:
  12. I'm really sorry but I no longer have the indigo.
  13. The leather on the indigo is more consistently fabulous[​IMG]
  14. Citychris- the leather on this bag is :drool: :drool:
  15. ill go for indigo ;)