05 taupe twiggy...good price

  1. Love that color...a lot!...nope, nope, nope, cant do it...ahhhhh!
  2. I need someone to turn this into a Day for me....
  3. Pretty but it is so similar to my greige and it does look really distressed.
  4. ^^That's the nature of certain colors like taupe and dolma. They tend to be more distressed for some reason. :drool:
  5. Oooooh... nice! The taupe is a bit browner/warmer than the greige, I think. Every taupe bag I've seen in person, the leather has been scrumptious. Potentially a great deal for someone here...
  6. I have a taupe city and have to say that after I got it I determined the color is just blah compared to the other bbag colors I have. The leather is nice, but the bag just seems so unexciting when I get it out to wear when I have so many other great options to wear. Just my two cents on the color.
  7. Very cute..

    I am getting sick of LV bags, and planning on moving on to Balenciags.

    I've never owned any Balenciaga bag in the past, but recently I've been very interested in these beautiful bags. :shame:

    I was thinking about bidding on this because I don't own any bags in taupe/gray'ish color. hrm.. but after seeing some of the more rich colored ones, I may have to hold out for a different color.

    Anyhow, can anyone point me to any guides to tell fakes, what to look out for, etc..

  8. ^atelier.naff
    It's like the Balenciaga bible...hope this helps! :smile:
  9. i actually love this color...it's neutral but very lovely IMO... and the leather is among the best
  10. :nuts:Whoa! Gorgeous leather!!!
    Too bad hubby just :lecture:lectured me and now on :dots: ...... purse- :banned:
  11. Is this bag definitely authentic? I thought the screws on the handles of the 05' bags had notches on them unlike the ones shown in the picture.
  12. taupe was spring summer and only some had the notches...this bag looks perfect to me
  13. This color is sooooo gorgeous. I really love it, and this is an excellent price for this bag! I can't buy it, but someone here should!
  14. hmmmm, the leather looks sorta web-y. but the color looks cute though!