'05 Magenta First - brand new

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  1. It's luscious! My Magenta First is THE bag that I get the most compliments on... and the leather/smell is intoxicating.

    Good luck to the buyer!!
  2. Do ya'll think this bag is 100% authentic then?
  3. Love, love, love the color of this bag!!
  4. mrg- we don't post here unless it's authentic. and omg girlies... that leather looks so soft...... mmmmm mmmmmm
  5. Yes, MRG I wouldn't have posted it if I wasn't sure it was 100% authentic.

    The SP is good but it has a reserve...
  6. Gosh I lurrrrrve Magenta! It's one of my favourite bbag colours! Beautiful leather on this one... =)
  7. :love: I'm in love
  8. From her Q&A it says she'll BIN for $995 which I think is a great price for a brand new one!

    Good luck bidding guys!
  9. mmmm this is the colour I would want next
  10. I really wanted this bag but something happened and it's not up anymore!
  11. Probably either the listing got pulled or the seller ended it early to do an off eBay deal with someone who contacted her.