05 chocolat paddy versus 06 chocolat paddy???

  1. Hi there,

    I checked in the reference guide but couldn't find anything on this ?
    Is there a chocolat every season and if so do they differ in color?
    I am curious, pics for comparison would be great.
  2. Hi there

    Not sure if there is a difference in the colour or not (many experts on here can help you out) but I belive the 05 leather is way better than the 06
  3. There have been some differences over time. The original 05 chocolate paddy was brown brown, with not really any hints of redness, IMO. The early bags also had more distressed looking leather than in 06, both in the wrinkley/pebbly way and in the dye area. Does that make sense? It seems to me that later browns did have varying undertones of red/burgundy. And true, there are leather differences from season to season and within every season. If you like a more distinctive, distressed choc, I'd say 05. For a more uniformly colored, MAYBE stiffer and with more hints of red, later bags.
  4. ^^
    mm.. Just completely my personal opinion - but I'd have to disagree with rollergirl on the colour undertones of the choco paddies.

    I have a 05 choco paddy and it has gorgeous maroonish undertones in the daylight and is not a dark dark chocolate brown. Catcat.. if it makes more sense.. the 05 choco paddy is more like the colour of 04 Marron balenciaga and not like the deep rich brown of a 05 chocolate balenciaga.

    The leather on the 2005 is to die for and the smell of the leather is just totally delish!

    2005 paddies are "smooshier"/less stiff than 2006 due to the thickness of the inner lining. The 2006 paddies have a thicker inner lining.

    Personally - my preference in paddies are super smooshy and the pebblier the better so I prefer the 2005 chocolate paddy over the 2006 one. I find they're sorta like bbags though in that the leather varies from season to season as well as bag to bag. I also really like how the 2005 chocolate seems to have more "depth" in its colour since it has the reddish/cherry wood undertones.

  5. Yummmmy your choco looks wonderful, :drool: !
    Fondant au chocolat:love:! Dear I hate diats and "ban's" as well!
  6. I had the 2006 Choco med satchel (that I have sold) and it was beautiful, but personally I prefer the vintage look of the 2005 Choco leather. jacecee, your description is right on the mark! rollergirl, you are correct about the 2006 Choco - mine had deep burgundy undertones..
  7. Yes and MY 06 choco is so soft and smooshy I thought it was an 05. My new Paddies can't compare. I even posted publicly that it was an 05, he he, I thought it was until I realized what the serial number meant.
  8. I had an 05 chocolate Betty which I sold on eBay to make room for the python silverado, and I now have an 06 chocolate paddy. I really liked the 05 chocolate color better. As you can see from the link above it is a lighter more "milk-chocolate" color. It also seemed a bit thicker. However, I've gotten more complements on the 06 choco paddy. I don't know if it's because people like the paddy design better, but I think people are complementing it because they like the darker, smoother chocolate leather better.
  9. heehee... if this thread shows anything - it's that Chloe leather is amazing and no matter what colour of chocolate - we all love chocolate! :biggrin:
  10. This is bad for my "diat"...I want, I need, I crave chocolate...:sos: