'04 turquoise TWIGGY - low start price $499

  1. Uuuh, I love it.. :heart: But no PayPal from international bidders??:crybaby: :crybaby:why?
  2. wowza!
  3. OMG! It's turquoise week!!!:lol:
  4. I :love: this bag! I think I like her a little dirty...well worn. :heart:
  5. Yeah she's a beauty!
  6. wow, beautiful bag!
  7. no paypal for international buyers? that's too bad!!!
  8. OMG this is my DREAM style/color combo - I MUST get this!!!
  9. Such a pretty color!
  10. Somehow I really like the vintage used look on this bag. :love:
  11. Ohhh "L" .... fashion_ - go for it, good luck :yahoo: :love: :yes:
  12. I bet the price is going to skyrocket
  13. :hrmm: dont say that... prices only skyrocket when there are multiple competing diehard bidders. there have been a lot of 04 turquoises around lately. supply and demand! I bet it doesnt go over the usual amount for a rare, used twiggy.

    the bbag market has been surprisingly predictable lately for 04 and earlier bags... I like stability, all that ruckus 6 months ago freaked me out.
  14. The color looks amazing! Especially the way she photographed it, all smooshy!:love: :girlsigh:
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