'04 Rose City!

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  1. I love it:love: , it's gorgeous! But a bit high SB IMO.
  2. Good Luck Trama :flowers: I hope a PFer takes her home!!:yes:
  3. OMG .... OMG ... :nuts: - I must resisit :sad: :crybaby: . . . good luck with your sale trama turgo 'Ch' :love:

    Thank you for posting Pewter :sweatdrop:
  4. :drool: I have only seen the 04 Rose in bad condition, and now that I have feasted my eyes on this beauty I see what all the fuss is about! It truly is gorgeous and I have a feeling the seller will have no problem selling this one. Good luck to the seller and congrats to whoever may get it!
  5. :heart:Thank you everybody:heart:! I have had the hardest time trying to post good pics:sweatdrop:! OMG, I know the one I posted is awful, so I will take some more in daylight and I will put them in the auction in a few hours :sweatdrop:
  6. Since this is odd's city that I have bought from her and I have not even worn it once, you can look at odd's one in the auction she had put on eBay, while waiting for my own pics.
    eBay: Super Rare BALENCIAGA Rose City Handbag F/W 04 (item 290045371322 end time Oct-31-06 15:24:48 PST)

    My starting price is what I have paid for the bag.:P
  7. Beautiful bag!!! Good luck!!
  8. Must have self control...Bag so beautiful!!!
  9. It's so pretty!! I wish I could but I'm on purse ban and have to buy presents for holidays. Anyone bidding, good luck!! :flowers:
  10. :nuts: OMG!!! Why did you have to sell this bag now!!! I have to Christmas shop!! I was already very bad the other night purchasing the Navy Blue City!! I will be disowned from my family if I don't get any presents this holiday! ( Do you think I can pass this off as a family present???):idea:
  11. Trama that bag is gorgeous!!! Someone PLEASE get this. I can't look at it anymore. I :heart: :heart: that bag so much! I would have to sell my rose Twiggy and I have only carried it once. The leather on the Rose is fabulous!
  12. Beautiful!!! Good luck Trama!
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