04 Pistachio Twiggy

  1. WHAT'S UP with all these beauties??????? It's pouring B-bags!!

    Ouch though.
  2. Beautiful!!! Thou shalt not distract me! EEKS. I need to focus on finding a brand new magenta first...
  3. I know Glimmer. So much temptation.:sweatdrop:
  4. wow that pistachio looks good enough to eat! yum!
  5. Wow!
  6. Gorgeous! I love pistachio!
  7. I'm cunfused now :confused1: . . . seller bought this bag from a lovely PFer - but already sold it at the end of August ?!
    The bag is really amazing .... and the color TDF !
  8. Ohhhh :shame: . . . sorry, my mistake . . . my eyes aren't as good anymore :hysteric: !! Sorry ladies :love:
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