04 lilac Twiggy 600 BIN ended

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  1. :smile: Thank you. I saw it, hit BIN, still trying to figure out if it is authentic. I saw it, hit BIN then asked questions. :P I've lost too many by waiting and lilac is on my most wanted list. Is the hardware brass or silver? '04 should have brass, but hard to tell from the pics. The tags looks ok, but before I pay I want to see the bales.
  2. Yea lilac from 04 should have brass hardware, the leather looks good. I am sure everything will be fine, congrats again :happydance:
  3. Thank you!! Nothing will ever compare to the beautiful eggplant I got. I LOVE that bag. I need to put it in the safe. All of my friends keep trying to borrow it.:P
  4. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  5. Hey powder, it was your turn to get an awesome deal.:yes:

    I was right there, but too scared.

    Please take some pics to do the bag justice when you get it.

    What made me a little unsure was how pink it is.........I think it's gotta be the flash though, cuz it looks good.:drool:

  6. You go girl!!!
  7. great deal. Congrats.
  8. awesome deal, darn.. haha why do I always miss the great priced ones?!?! grrr, and lilac is my favorite color! nuts, CONGRATS!
  9. Congrats powder!!! what a steal:yahoo: :wlae: :happydance:
    Looks to me like the hardware could be silver too - but in any case it's an amazing deal for either an 03 or 04. Be sure to post pics when it arrives!
  10. Congrats Powder!!!:yahoo:
  11. OOOOH, PP!!! That is the SCORE of the month. Congrats!
  12. Congrats! What a great price! :smile:
  13. hank you everyone....... I think. :P Still no response for extra pictures from the seller.
    Bella I did the same thing. I thought it looked too pink and it made me pause too. I have lost so many while I waited for questions to be answered or waited for pictures, that I decided to go for it, then ask questions.
    My Mom did that once with a seafoam then the seller refused to send pictures and said it was ok to back out. But that bag looked fake to me.
    Then the seller had the nerve to give her a neurtal.:roflmfao: Which she of course responded to by saying....... basically you tried to sell me a fake bag and you think I am going to pay for a fake bag that you said was authentic.:P
    Will keep everyone updated and if she sends pics I will post them here.
  14. :roflmfao: This guy wanted to be an a**. He didn't want to send pics of the bales. I emailed him and he got all p*ssy. I sent the pics to my friends and my Mom, they all said looks good but get pics of the bales. So he emails me back, snotty email, and said to call him. :P
    To make a long story short, after he finally *got* what the bales were he sent pics. It is an '04 and the bales look good. He also reluctantly gave me the numbers on the back of the tag after he was assured this wasn't some HUGE secret number, uh hello, I did buy the bag you fool. :roflmfao: Another ebay weirdo.
    Anyway here are pics of the bales and they look good tome and I paid, with AM EX just in case.
    Since he was a jerk, I told him 30. shipping was bs too and that he could use a flat rate box for 8.70 plus insurance and delivery confirmation. He said Ok then said I would rather have the 30. for shipping. WHATEVER. FINE!
    Me no likey this guy and why didn't his girlfriend who owns the bag get on the phone?:graucho:
    Ebay has some really weird people on there.:hysteric: