'03 balenciaga mustard yellow city w/silver hardware

  1. gals, me & my PF friend saw this bag today @ a consignment shop in nyc :smile:...it looks like it's been around the block 1 too many times, but i didn't notice any major damage :shrugs:...it's very worn in, with split tassles & it's a bit discolored in places (especially the back)...the photos were taken w/my camera phone & make the bag look much newer than it looks IRL (it's tres pre-loved :love:) ...i think it's around $500 if anyone's interested & it's @ "INA" in nolita (212-334-9048) ;)

    p.s. sorry if i'm not posting this in the right place :angel:
  2. Wow I love that color and I love silver hardware. How badly discolored is it? Do you think it could be restored? thanks for posting this. :smile:
  3. oh dear! *faints*

    how bad was the condition aaa? how were the corners?
  4. I love this colour! I hope they bring out another yellow colour in the future...I'm sure there is a home for this beauty with a fellow PFer....
  5. I have it on hold girls! but they told me a different price...I have to call tomorrow and sort it out...they won't send pics
  6. I bet it was beautiful when it was younger!
  7. I hope you get it Varsha!......for the right price of course! Good luck!!
  8. ^^ Thanks handbagaddict!
  9. Good luck varsha, hope you get it. The old bags are the best!

  10. gorgeous bag. Good luck varsha. Perhaps you can have it cleaned and repaired...
    love the color...

  11. gorgeous bag. Good luck varsha. Perhaps you can have it cleaned and repaired...
    love the color...
  12. oh good luck varsha! let us know how it turns out! how much did they quote you? more? hmm...
  13. yes...they quoted more...then i called back and they apologized and said they had some new employees who mixed up all the prices but the new price is still more than alabama was quoted (still not sure...maybe 100 more..have to confirm tomorrow)....but I so love this color so I will probably take the risk...thanks everyone!
  14. ^^ good luck varsha-girl :tender:
  15. thank you aaa!!!! Thanks so much for posting it! i will update you guys tomorrow
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