02 Classique black/silver w/long strap from wonderful PFer!

  1. ^^ wow, where does she get these beauties?!?! :love:
  2. That bag is truly a thing of beauty. I've been eyeing that auction for a few days now just wishing a giant block of money would land on me. lol.. wishful thinking!
  3. WOW, gorgeous!!! :drool:
  4. Wow. I love the photo of the two suedes together... delicious.
  5. OMG! THE SILVER WITH THE LONG STRAP!! Holy smokes!!! This is one collectible and special b-bag!!!

  6. I LOVE this bag! :love: I wish the new bags came with the longer strap
  7. ^^Not to mention the silver hardware!!!!!

    Long strap + silver hardware = MUCH desired b-bag!!!
  8. Damn! That's a very nice bag!