007 Bond Premiere:

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    Daniel Craig, the first blonde Bond, makes his debut as the secret agent in the eagerly anticipated film. He looked nothing short of hunkalicious in a classic black tux as he arrived to sound of the Bond theme song muddled between the roars of screaming fans.

    James Bond has finally made his long awaited return to the big screen and the stars were out in full force tonight for the world premiere of the latest 007 movie 'Casino Royale' in London's West End.
    The English actor with the piercing blue eyes was joined at the premiere by his girlfriend, 29-year-old movie producer Satsaki Mitchell.

    Paris Hilton, who is across the pond to attend tomorrow's World Music Awards, arrived to the premiere looking a wreck in an ill-fitting white satin strapless cocktail dress with a horrendous blue embroidered emblem. And don't even get me started on the whortastic makeup.
    Bond babe Eva Green arrived rocking an....interesting....black, embroidered velvet gown.

    HRH Queen Elizabeth II puts her recent ill-health behind her to attend the royal premiere of the much anticipated Bond flick
  2. Can't see pics
  3. Please post the pics again.
  4. :shame: sorry !
    bond.jpg bond-caterina%20murino.jpg bond-evagreen.jpg bond-paris.jpg
  5. Here's the Queen :cutesy:
  6. Ew, I don't like Eva Green's dress! I can't decide whether I think the new Bond is hot...
  7. paris' dress is cute, but i don't know if i can agree with everyone elses.:shrugs:
  8. Wow.. Eva Green is HOT !

    And Paris, roots much ?!
  9. The new Bond is :throwup: .

    The two other women are:throwup: .

    And for once Paris is the best looking of the bunch:wtf: !!!
  10. Paris has looked worse, the dress is not the best but her make up is even more horrendous! Eva's look I really don't like but she is gorgeous!
  11. Yeah not liking paris's makeup here..
  12. naaaaaaaaay for the new Bond:wtf::sick:
  13. for some reason i hate the new bond....hehe. I still don't think he has the 'look'...he can be Bond's butler better I think... LOL
  14. Paris is trying to look like Jeri Hall... I love Daniel Craig- he is awesome looking.
  15. Didn't they hire this Bond to replace the aging Pierce Bronsan? I am sorry but this dude looks too old for Bond now. Plus hellooooo Bond is supposed to be tall, dark (hair) and handsome.