0 feedback Balenciaga bag sellers

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  1. I have been noticing a pattern nowadays with Balenciaga Bags. A lot of the sellers I noticed have a 0 feedback, an account created within the past week or so, however the pictures and descriptions seem authentic.

    What to do in this situation? A lot of the bags being sold by these sellers are exactly what I have been looking for... so its so tough for me to stay away , as the pictures seem to show that they are totally authentic.

    Has anyone else noticed this as well?
    Would you think it is a bad idea to bid on the item?
  2. You could email them asking why they are selling and make your concerns clear, and of course make sure you pay with your credit card using paypal!
  3. I'd be careful. Make sure those aren't stolen pics. I agree with above poster. Ask lots of questions to make sure as to authenticity. If they dodge your questions, don't bid.
  4. Yep, I noticed this too! Good thing I haven't encountered a bag I liked where the seller is with 0 fb! I do know the seller of that Rouge VIF City is a pfer :yes:, not me though!
  5. Stick to Sellers with high feedback, look at the other items they sell to see if they are a "designer seller" lots of 0 feedbacks are risky and photographs are easy to steal. I would steer clear
  6. thanks guys. I will stay away from those auctions!
  7. Don't buy ANYTHING Balenciaga without first checking the link in the Authenticate section. Also ask tons of questions of the seller. Some of these are scammers, but some are real people selling bags. Until you know your way around (and even so you could still get scammed!!!) buy from the people that have good feedback and a history of with selling authentic.The ladies in the authenticate forum can steer you right. Also seriously check out in the reference sections and look at all the info -- an education to be had there for sure!
  8. Even honest sellers start with 0 feedback. If you think the pics look good and they are "authenticated" here, I would suggest asking for a couple more just to prove the seller does indeed have the bag. Also look at the other items the seller has for sale, if any. While it would be more reassuring to purchase from someone with a lot of feedback, I wouldn't assume every 0-feedback seller is a crook.
  9. The only thing that concerns me about a low FB seller with some high end items and professional looking listings is that maybe they have had earlier ebay IDs and have reinvented themselves. This may not be the case and, even if it is, it may not be a problem but it does cause me to be a bit wary.