Your PS in action

  1. This is pure awesomeness lol!!
  2. The other day with my new Smoke Pouch. It's soooo big inside, I was able to fit so much in there!
  3. blue ps11mini :biggrin:
  4. My new PS11 Tote

    My new fav work bag!
  5. I love the PS11 in that blue colour. So pretty
  6. Anybody have a Courier (esp in large)? I can't find any pictures of anyone wearing them yet! I know they're new, but no celeb pics either :shrugs: I absolutely love the large version... begging any of you that own it to post a picture!
  7. Carrying my ps1 today!

  8. Whats up with that lv bling? Custom made?

  9. I bought a key cles and strassed it myself!
  10. Just now seeing this quote! The brand is called "My other bag," and that's written in cursive on the back side of the bag as well. They have an online site and I think they are all $35. It's been a great bag, I have one with a Alexander McQueen clutch on the front as well.

  11. Genius
  12. With my paprika medium!
  13. love this color
  14. Super chic and stylish.