Your PS in action

  1. Using my new (to me) XL military PS1. Thought it was too big, but I love how it fits everything.[​IMG][/IMG]
  2. ^^^ what a cool picture. Love it.
  3. Drati,

    can you tell me how to link to other posts??? I see people do it all the time - so surely it can't be that hard.......but it was easier for me to just paste the picture I love here:
    Love the whole outfit - and it was a hard choice for me btwn the suede bag and the saffron I got - went with saffron leather for durability since it is my first PS1.


    I like how the leggings look as if they are not painted on your legs - and the whole outfit is just me.

  4. duplicate post...ooops :smile:
  5. You look great!!

    Just copy and paste the link and it will automatically do it.
  6. I love your saffron, it's a gorgeous colour. Really beautiful. Please post more pictures, I'd love to see more of your bag.

    To quote a post just copy the link to the post number (upper RHS of each post). But picture is good too, now I know which outfit you were referring to. :smile:

    I live in New Zealand and here happen to wear all NZ designers. The wool coat (black although it looks almost navy here) is a few years old and is by Helen Cherry. The tunic dress is by Karen Walker from this summer (it's summer season here, of course). I'm actually not wearing leggings here but cotton mix tights, they are quite textured and almost as opaque as leggings. I thought the tobacco PS looked nice with this outfit -- your saffron would have been perfect too.

  7. Hi everyone! Decided to post my first OOTD ever with my new PS1 I got at Printemps Paris a few weeks ago! I'm guessing it's in the color "Sunshine" since it should be from the ss2013 collection... but I looked it up and realized the "Banana" and "Citron" colors look kind of the same too... so I'm not sure anymore. :/
    But anyway, here's how I styled it! It's surprisingly easy to wear anything with such a bright colored bag!
  8. You look fantastic! I want a PS1 so bad but am so worried about the quality issues.
  9. I love it!! What a great color!
    and look! is that a trapeze in the background? :p
  10. Thank you! So far my ps1 has been good! I did accidentally unscrew a screw on the tag but doesn't seem like the tag will come off. Also if anything I'm sure I could contact Proenza schouler for help since I got it at an authorized retail store (printemps Paris). I saw that a lot of problems people were having with Proenza was mostly because they got it off unauthorized retail (online)shops so Proenza won't help. So to be safe, keep that in mind! Otherwise I love this's lightweight and super practical.. and it's gorgeous! Go for it!
  11. drati, I love how the suede looks different with every outfit. The first outfit looks so comfy (perfect for the dreary days we've been having!) and the last two are glam! Such a versatile color!

    The sky blue is gorgeous. It is a beautiful color (even online!!) so I imagine it is a total knockout in person!

    This is an awesome color! Perfect size on you as well.

    Aww I love that picture!! The XL looks big on you (but in a good way), sort of gives it the "carry-all, go-to bag" vibe. Love, love, love the military color.

    Awesome, awesome color!! I love it against the color of your fur and grey sweater. Great outfit as well!

    Aww yoyo, you're still thinking about getting one huh? My advice, don't let the worrying stop you. Since PS won't fix the issue themselves, don't buy it through them (for full price!!) but instead through a retailer that offers it at a discount (HGBags?). I love the smoke as a neutral color and the teal/neon would make awesome bags to add a pop of color to your outfit!
  12. That's the thing that worries me. Buying from HG bags is still a lot of money even if not full retail. I would rather pay the full retail knowing that PS will fix my problems then to buy for less then retail from HG bags and know that my problems would never get fixed by PS if I were to have any.

    Is yours still holding up well?
  13. Thank you:smile:
  14. Super agree. If you pay the full actual price from proenza then it's only natural to get their full service. If not then the consequence is something you'll have to live with. It's really a precaution for all designer brands against fakes. I can understand that.
  15. Hi craziepink, I don't really agree with this part. I feel any luxury brand needs to live up to their brand and fulfill the needs of their customers regardless where the bag came from. They obviously know their product so if someone sent in a fake for repairs then they at that point do not repair it. If an item is authentic there should be no reason why they are not repairing their own things. It shouldn't matter where the product came from, it was purhcased at some point and they made their profits. If anything I think it is their way of making people purchase from authorized retailers and not through secondhand purhcases or other places such as hgbags.