Your new Coach: a mini-reveal thread!

Jun 15, 2009
Sorry, I wasn't sure if this thread is a good place to post...

What do y'all think of the quality of these, is this acceptable for the price?
I recently purchased a Coach Turnlock Clutch.

Bag #1 is uneven along the profile? The top line along the top handle, it's more slanted on the left, and more horizontal on the right. Stitching is.. well I think I can tell that it is machine made rather quickly because where it first turns, it gets smaller, than on the "home run" it's back to normal.

Bag #2: some of the stitching is pointy/rough/sharp. It also has a few ity-bity pits? an "enlarged pore"?

Both bags: There seems to be some sort of.. like the leather got pressed around the edges before it was sewn? Also. the trim pieces where the stitching is, is uneven. Thinner on one side, thicker boarder on the other.

Some wrinkles/texture in the leather seems normal.

But for a MSRP $395... I feel like I should expect better craftsmanship?

I'm a little disappointed that I can't really fit my switch in there nicely, but I can just barely fit in a sheet of paper..
looks great to me
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