Yes or No to the Simon Miller Bonsai bags?

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  2. Thank you so much for the pictures! I love both of your bags! Such a cute experience to go in and buy matching bags with a friend! I need a friend like that too! :biggrin: The brown on brown on hers is really beautiful! And your little black one is so chic!! I might need one of those too! :blush:

    And thanks for all the information, so helpful! It sounds like a lovely bag to own and use! I am really happy I acted quick, as they are already sold out!

    When you say workhorse, do you think it could hold a laptop, without getting too heavy and without breaking? As a student I need to bring my laptop with me most days, and quite often also the book of law too. But I don't think I would "risk it" by putting a book that heavy in it, but I'd assume I should be able to bring my macbook without a problem? :smile:

    It looks like my bag will arrive tomorrow!! Hopefully I will have time to pick it up before the postal service closes! I'll post pics as soon as I got it!:love: It's the third one of the pictures I posted above!
  3. Super cute. Love the different colors and size options.
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  4. Youre welcome! I'm glad to help!

    Hmmm...I'd say you should avoid putting your laptop in. Macbooks are pretty heavy. Same with big law school books. The reason why I say this is that the rings are attached with one piece of leather looped over and stitched to the body of the bag. I don't think it can handle all that weight. Maybe notebooks and smaller textbooks are okay. By workhorse I meant for everyday wear without the heavy stuff. My friend doesn't carry laptops, just an agenda and her other essentials for the day, so it definitely works for her.

    Try it out and see though. I might be wrong with how it handles the weight of the laptops and books. Looking forward to seeing your new bag!!! Excited for you!
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    Ah I see, you are probably right, but that does not matter as I didn't intend to use it as an school bag in the first place anyway! I just thought it would be good to know if that was an option! Now that she's here (Woho! I'll post a pic in a sec!) I see what you mean, it could be a bad idea and I do not want to risk anything! :smile:
  6. Here it is! :blush: It's much, much heavier than I imagined it to be, I will need to start going to the gym to be able to carry it around all summer!

    But the nubuck is amazingly soft and the bag looks beautiful (but has some minor flaws!). The acrylic handles are not the most comfortable in the crook of the arm, nor to hold, but who cares as they are such a cool contrast to the almost velvety nubuck!

    IMG_20190205_210324.jpg IMG_20190205_210412.jpg IMG_20190205_212531.jpg IMG_20190205_212614.jpg IMG_20190205_212659.jpg
  7. Ohhh looks SO pretty!!! Congrats!!!! Try to find a cute scarf to match it, then you can use it as a comfy shoulder bag!
  8. VERY cool bag!

  9. Haha, I do in fact feel much cooler than usual when I carry this around, still only at home! :happydance:
  10. Thank you! :love: I will! I don't own that many scarfs, but I have a Gucci Blooms stola that never has been used! It might be too large (?) but I'll try it out, it might look good together, I'll post a picture for you to judge!

    Did your friend twist the scarf before tying it?
  11. she just folded it into a thin strip and then looped it through the rings and tied it on one end but still leaving the scarf loose.
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  12. So, did I get this right, she tied the scarf to itself, not to the handles? I'll need to find mine, I am eager to try it out!
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  13. Love how they look, I'm not much of a hand carry girl though. I actually have a tote shaped like this with bamboo circle handles that I never use, might have to try it out!
  14. yup she tied the two ends together! I'm excited to see!
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  15. Here is it with the blooms scarf, I just snapped a quick pic of the combination as I thought they looked quite cute together! The scarf is long enough to make a shoulderstrap out of it too! :amuse:

    In this pictures one of the small flaws are visible too, you find it close to the bottom left corner, altough the picture is a bit blurry so it is not that visible. Did your and your friends bags have marks like that when they were new?
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