Yay! Bought a Multicolor Wapity!


I need more cowbell, baby
Dec 15, 2005
Very cute! I been wanting one for so long now it's crazy! I like both the white and black MC but I'm so anal with getting my bags dirty that I would opt for black even though white seems so cute for S/S.

Congrats! Maybe you can get the black one too! :P


Mar 18, 2006
jasanna143 said:
What are you able to fit in it?

I use the mine for daily, at school, to protect my values, and when I go out and I dont want to carry a bag. I fit into mine credit card, ID, tissues (kleenex hehe) ipod and earphones, cell phone, keys, money. i love ir bcz it holds a lot, and it doesn´t seem to loose its shape.

I´m sure when it turns a patina that I dont like I´ll replace it, the handles at least or buy a brand new one. I dont like patina too much:biggrin: