Yay! Bought a Multicolor Wapity!

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  1. Today, I happened to pass by the local LV boutique and decided to get the Multicolor Wapity.... and I am so in love with it!:love:

    Just wanted to share! :lol:

  2. Eh? Pic won't show?
  3. Congats. They're cute aren't they? I can't see you picture.
  4. Yes they are! Love the smell of the new leather! :amuse:
  5. Gorgeous! It's such a great accessory. Mine's black, and I'm loving yours in the white - perfect for spring/summer.
  6. Hi Cal,

    I know! I am wondering if I should get it in black as well?:nuts:

    Is it just as easy to match and it won't get stained as easily as the white MC, right? :shame:
  7. Thats so cute! Hopefully im getting the same one tomorrow *fingers crossed* your picture just makes me want it more and more!
  8. Nice! Wapity case is so adorable!

  9. wapities are so cute!! i wish i could justify one. :smile:

    congrats on your new purchase!! :smile:
  10. Awww its gorgeous! I SOOO have to get one!
  11. Love it! Congrats and enjoy wearing it.
  12. Congrats!! It is adorable. What are you going to use it for? Will you use it on its own or in a larger bag?
  13. Love your wapity!
    It's such a great item.
  14. Congratulations!:lol: White Multicolore Wapity is really cute!:love: