Would you buy a Cartier off the NET?

I totally would. And am in the process of doing so now.

If you're not really looking to score a deal, you can go ahead and buy a watch at Tourneau.com. Tourneau is a completely reputable dealer with stores in every major city. You are not going to be defrauded or receive a fake if you order from them.
Thank you for the site reference! I was wondering what a good, trustworthy site there was for designer watches.


Jan 29, 2006
Thank you for the site reference! I was wondering what a good, trustworthy site there was for designer watches.
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Be sure to call Tourneau before ordering!!! They will give you about 15% off if you speak with someone.

Also, ordering a Cartier from Tourneau is great. As I understand it, Cartier will still service the watch because Tourneau is an authorized dealer, and Tourneau will service it as well. Also, I was really happy with the customer service at Tourneau. My boyfriend (who bought my watch) is never home, but they arranged to ship it Friday night so it would arrive Saturday morning with no extra cost.


Aug 11, 2007
A simple search with Cartier watches will result in tons of "authentic" sites that sell "Authentic" Cartier Watches at 15-20% off Department Store prices.

You get everything. It's reputable, supposedly.

Figure that without taxes and free shipping and it's a friggin deal.

But yeah, you're spending 3-4 thousand dollars for a watch off the NET!

I'm not tempted but I'm curious to know if its something people look into when purchasing a Cartier Watch.


Apr 13, 2007
I had this same question until I spoke to a jeweler who took in a Rolex to have it cleaned. They thought it was real until they started taking parts apart to clean it and found that someone had used an authentic automatic movement in the watch but the rest of the watch was fake. It just shows you never know what people will do, I rather pay full price for peace of mind.


May 15, 2006
I agree that certain "authentic" sites are indeed not authentic. However, clearly the large authorized retailers that have websites in addition to brick and mortar establishments are dependable. Tourneau is a very reputable watch dealer that routinely offers small discounts on most watch brands. In fact even watch dealers like Wempe in NYC offer a small discount on watches. It is a common practice for authorized watch dealers to offer a small discounts (though to the dismay of the manufacturer of course). Nonetheless, a small discount from a authorized dealer like Tourneau should not set off any alarms. But when a website like Overstock sells a watch without the manufacturer's warranty, I hesitate to purchase a $3000+ timepiece from that site.

When buying an expensive timepiece always try to negotiate the price.