Would you buy a Cartier off the NET?

  1. This problem bugs me.

    Rolex, LV, Chanel ONLY sell their watches in their boutiques. Fine. Some enjoy those watches, some don't.

    Cartier is one the best and finest watchmakers since 1910. OK.

    But You "can" buy authentic Cartier watches off the numerous net sites that sell authentic watches.

    My question is this. Since they sell the new ones and in mint condition with a 20% or more discount PLUS free shipping (ok ok or with $50 US Dollar shipping), it IS CHEAPER THAN BUYING IT IN THE MALL, SHOPPING CENTER, CARTIER BOUTIQUE~

    Authentic is Authentic, and I know you can confidently bring it to any Cartier Boutique to have it adjusted, serviced, etc.

    So, do any of you bought, have stories of those who bought, or dare to purchase a $4000 watch off the Net?

    Advantages? Disadvantages?

  2. Ooo,this is a bit of a tricky one, when I was in the trade we would'nt accept any watch that did'nt have the warranty card store stamped,at least in the first twelve or so months if it suffered a manufacturing defect etc and Cartier,Omega,Breitling etc were all the same too. With such a surge of online marketing it could have changed,I have been out of the trade a while now since Sophie was born 18 months now I think?
    Its really worth checking with Cartier about this,as if you do have a manu problem it would be covered under normal circumstances,and is not really something you should be expected to shell out on.If alls well with the watch and it comes up for a service in the expected timelines you would have to pay for that anyway.But if it needs a service or whatever under its warranty time,its a bit rough if you have to shell out for that.I say just check it out, call a store that retails Cartier before you make a move,they will know what Cartier will and won't do. does that help??xxxx
  3. Personally, no; I would not buy a Cartier online. That said, if you receive a warranty card that is at least empty (not addressed to another person) then buying it online is OK. If you are contemplating a Cartier (or Rolex etc) that is not coming with a warranty card stay away. Also if you receive a watch with a warranty card that is signed to Joe, and Joe isn't the person who sold the watch to you, beware. If you try to bring the watch into Cartier and it's been reported stolen by Joe, you will lose that watch.

    Finally, have you considered buying pre-owned Cartier watches? Tourneau has a large selection of pre-owned watches and you know the watch will be authentic and can be serviced by Tourneau or Cartier.

    Best of luck and enjoy shopping.
  4. I totally would. And am in the process of doing so now.

    If you're not really looking to score a deal, you can go ahead and buy a watch at Tourneau.com. Tourneau is a completely reputable dealer with stores in every major city. You are not going to be defrauded or receive a fake if you order from them.
  5. depends on where and whom you can trust as well as its price.
  6. I wouldn't.
  7. I wouldnt. If you spend this much on a watch, no amount of discount would ease your peace of mind if anything's wrong with it.
  8. By the way, Rolex sells through Tourneau.com online, also. New. As does Cartier.
  9. I love Tourneau.com.
  10. I would like to clarify and say that, to me, buying online from an Authorized Dealer is the same as buying a watch in person from a place like Tourneau, Wempe, etc. Thus with ADs you get a signed warranty card, but they rarely offer discounts. The web is a great place to buy items that you cannot get if you don't live in a city like NYC. Since I do live in the big apple I forget how it is hard to get your hands on some brands in other parts of the nation.

    Happy watch shopping,
  11. Tourneau (as I have just learned), will offer discounts online if you call them and just ask what the best they can do for you is.
  12. Silly me,I meant if the warranty card was'nt stamped by an authorised retailer or outlet,then Cartier would want payment under the 12 month warranty age if anything went wrong.But if Jomashop etc supply satmped warranties no worries!!!
  13. i would...if i knew exactly the size and make of watch i was looking for, and it is a reputable company...and they offer the best price!
  14. I purchased a very expensive watch from Thewatchery.com and have only the greatest things to say about them. I researched before purchasing, I was looking for an Ebel beluga w/diamond dial and bezel which retails well over $5000 and they had the best price of all the online dealers. They sell new watches and they do come with the warranty card. When you place an order online, they will call you and verify that it is actually you making the purchase. I ended up returning the watch I bought without a problem,( I ended up deciding on a Rolex) their also one of the few online watch sellers that doesn't have a restocking fee...
  15. Does anyone know if www.watchesonnet.com sells authentic watches?