Women wearing Rolex 41mm

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  1. It’s got diamond markers. How could that look butch?

    I think it looks great on you Jill N! :drinks:And yes, so it is a men’s watch...:eek:the point is ...?
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  2. Congratulations, your watch is lovely. I wear a mens watch, a rose gold Daytona with a black dial. I don't think a black dial makes a watch look butch either! I previously had a date just with the same band as you chose I think it gives it a modern, clean look.
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  3. Agreed, and isn't that the point of the whole boyfriend watch trend anyway? That it looks like you borrowed your BF or DH's watch before they could put it on for the day? I like watches of all sizes and they all have a place in a wardrobe. The big ones are more casual and sporty. Smaller ones are more like jewelry that tell time. Wear what you like and what fits your style!
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  4. That looks good on your arm. Enjoy it.
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  5. I have a 36 which is pretty big on me. I like the large look but I think 41 would look cartoonish. You seem to pull it off well though!
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