Women wearing Rolex 41mm


Nov 15, 2017
Looks great! Who cares if it's a mens watch or not? There's men with small wrists who need to wear small watches, as well as women with bigger wrists who can rock big watches.
Totally jealous of you! I adore big watches but my wrists too tiny for them - so congrats! Enjoy this beauty xx
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Apr 18, 2007
If you love it, that is all that really matters! It looks good on you. I'd only be certain that you like the weight of it. Most automatic watches over 36mm feel very heavy to me (and I always wear a watch so I'm used to having one on). I had a 38 mm watch that I sold for that reason. But, if you are good with the weight, then keep it and enjoy!
Jun 8, 2006
It is a large watch, but if you're comfortable with the size and weight, then go for it. It looks lovely on your wrist.

For me wearing a men's watch goes beyond "chic.".I've worn larger watches since the 1990s. I needed a larger sized timepiece so I could time my medication. (I do own "normal" women's watches, but nothing under 28mm.) I have a six inch wrist and I went through as stage where I wore humungous watches. 45mm plus. I stopped doing it because I'm not that tall and it would freak people out . 41mm-42mm is the largest I wear now. Most of the time I sport a 38mm.
There's always been a very small number of women who've worn men's watches for various reasons. They like the size and quality. You have to be very confident when choosing to wear a men's watch. Even though it's been a trend for quite a long time, people are divided about it. A lot of men hate it. Perhaps it's because watches has long been a "men's thing" and they feel threatened?
In the end, you do what's beat for you. Since this is a Rolex, there's no problem trading, selling, etc. --should you change your mind! :smile:
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Nov 23, 2006
I wear a 40mm Rolex Daytona and I have a small wrist. I love the look.

In my opinion, what makes that watch look butch is the black dial. It’s a harsh look and in my opinion, a large watch on a lady looks better with a softer light dial such a white. It’s chic and clean looking.

For my Daytona, I tried a black dial and a white dial and for sure the black dial looked butch on me, not elegant at all.

I like the 41mm size on you, but if it were me, I’d get it in a white dial for sure (or any dial except black).

Just my two cents.
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