Who's getting something from the sale this weekend?!

  1. eta...can I wear this mint color in fall? my best friend kind of ruined my excitement by saying "but you can't wear that in the fall"
  2. I purchased the greed denim jeans and the cinamon cardigan belted at the waist. Cannot wait for them to arrive. I am now eyeing the rosemary pant. I ordered the azalea pant but retuned it. I didn't like the material and they were too long. I always have to have my pants hemmed- such a pain.
  3. I'm thinking of getting these - they look so cute. Do you have any photos of them? Thanks!
  4. I bought the Calistas too and while they were a tad tight when I zipped them up over the widest part of my calves initially, they've slowly stretched to fit my calves better and I am expecting them to be perfectly sized with more wear. My calf circumference is about 14 in, and I'm 5'5" and ~134 with an athletic build and wear a 4/6. So I'm not exceptionally tiny or anything. Did the boots just not zip up at all, or were they just uncomfortably tight?
  5. for me, the calista's wouldn't zip at all. i ordered the amanda's which seem to have a softer leather, and am waiting for them to come in my size, but i'm thinking that they might work better. Can you get your calista's on with jeans?