Who else is gaga for the Midday (Mid Day)

  1. The bigger one was definitely not a Work. Kind of looked like an overgrown Twiggy to me, LOL. It was a duffle shape- nothing like the
    Work. Not square looking at all. I really think the smaller one was a Mid Day, but not sure what the larger one was. I know I have never seen one on the forum. Maybe someone who has been in to Bal NY will pitch in and enlighten us.
  2. I saw some of those new style bags today, with classic HW, in various sizes. I think there are three sizes, actually. We tend not to hear so much about them because they are non-moto bags, but there has been some discussion in a couple of previous threads. They are NOT the same as the Mid Day, which is only a giant HW bag.
  3. Good to know - I really did not like either of them. They did have the same look to me with the zippered pocket on the front and the tassels at least on the smaller one. Definitely not the same leather, though.
  4. Supposedly, the leather of those bags is camel leather. They look sort of duffel or doctor bag like to me. I have higher hopes for the Mid Day.
  5. i just saw pictures of saddle in the reference library and yes i suppose thats the color cuz its very close.. i saw it at Ounass, its a multi brand store that carries Balenciaga in Abu Dhabi.. im sorry i didnt try it over the shoulder i only carried it real quick but i definitely think it would fit fine =)
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  7. :heart::heart::heart:

    Counting the days til I get the call that my preorder is in!!
  8. I like it!!
  9. i lovvve it! =D
  10. anyone know the dimensions?
  11. I like it! I wish it came w/ RH though :sad:
  12. Love it, but want to whip out my cyber ruler and measure the handle drop!
  13. Yep, like it!
  14. snowbrdgrl posted the dimensions in this thread, its 15.5 x 10.5 x 6.5