Who else is gaga for the Midday (Mid Day)

  1. i can't find a picture of the midday?
  2. Not too impressed by it. I think it holds about the same as the Work. It is like a giant speedy, with the bottom that is wider than the work. I tried in on my shoulder but the handles aren't long enough, maybe just the same as the work, plus with the bottom being too wide, it is not comfortable to carry that way.
  3. thanks for sharing your input on this new style! :tup:
  4. ohhh :sad: I was looking forward to the mid day! I guess it was huge compared to the City?
  5. I was looking forward to the midday. I didn't expect it to be that big. Thanks for the info!
  6. Is it true that there are different sizes for the Mid Day? And that they do come in RH?

    Thanks for the telling us what you saw as well.
  7. I don't think it come in RH, only GH. It is a lot bigger than a city, and I think it can even fit more than the Work since it is wider. It is about the same height as the work, then shorter in length, and then maybe about almost double the width of the bottom of the Work.
  8. Thanks roussel! Always curious to hear about new styles, it's so hard to tell what they're like from pics. Unfortunately I don't do well with hand-helds (need to be able to throw it over my shoulder) so I guess I can cross this one off my list :hrmm:
  9. photo?
  10. I have a feeling this will be a popular bag! Its a nice new shape.
  11. sorry no pics. There were other SAs looking.
  12. shoot, again i can't fit it over my shoulder....
  13. which store did you see it at? I wonder if I call them they will send photos...hm....thanks!
  14. Thanks for the update.
  15. I saw the Midday at NM today and i really liked it.:tup: It is a great size and slouches pretty well. I tried it on my shoulder and it fit fine. The bottom is little structured but it flattens when it is not too stuffed.