White Lindy or Birkin for summer?

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  1. i have a 35cm white birkin and to me it's such a perfect everyday bag for the summer. i even use it during winter; i simply wrap 2 twillys around the handles to add some darken shades and bam it's a winter bag.

    i wouldnt get a white Lindy. JMHO.
  2. I think the white birkin would be great for the summer. The 30 may be better for the summer if you don't plan on carrying a lot of things.
  3. ^^I agree. Epsom is not a personal favorite of mine but if I were to get a birkin, it would be this leather. The nature of the "grain" (pressed, I believe) makes it easier to maintain than clemence. I have a smaller bag in white (an evelyne) and I got it in clemence because I know it won't be such a big deal if it were to get really dirty. :P But a birkin... that would be something else...
  4. White birkin is so nice!
  5. Good to know! My white balenciaga has turned a nasty yellow...and it's only 2 yrs old! This is another reason why I am turning into an H girl! They have the best quality!
  6. I would go for the birkin and use the twillies as Avandome suggested. I have a white 35 that I barely used and their were small cracks starting to form on the handles. I had to send it to Paris to get fixed b/c Claude couldnt fix it. Such a shame.